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Our information service includes various topics such as stress management, brain diseases (Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease), medical dictionary, health quiz, body functions, health facts from A to Z, brain facts (prefrontal cortex, anger, anxiety, fear, emotion ...), mnemonics, study skills, writing skills, IT dictionary, widgets, drone trends, 360 VR videos, interactiv digital arts...

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Responsive HTML5

The advent of the mobile-first era has led more and more developers to develop mobile friendly websites with HTML5. The HTML5 benefits are evolving each day to provide functionalities as par with native technologies. It is the fact that major benefits of HTML5 are not a singular thing, whether you like it or not.


Google launched the AMP Project in the hope of providing fast — make that instant — access to information to create more engaging mobile web experiences. AMP HTML enables webpages with rich content such as graphics, animations and videos load almost instantaneously. With AMP, the same line of code will work across all major platforms and devices.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) along with Android Instant Apps are the next advancement in web-mobile apps genre after Responsive web design (RWD). Progressive Web Apps extends the mobile first approach to encompass user experience and engagement. PWA use progressive enhancements to provide features similar to native-app when viewed on any device.

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