Company Time-line

Foundation 2001

Internet Services Began

First Office 2003

360 VR Scenic Virtual Reality Services

3D VR Object VR Services 2006

Interactively whiteboard standardized deliverables through emerging niches.

Second Office 2011

Development of Medical Simulator - Brain Sensory Function

Third Office 2014

Development of Brain Wave - Interfaced Communication System

Fourth Office 2016

PWA+AMP IT Service

Our Vision & Mission

Written by CEO

Interactively administrate enterprise convergence rather than pandemic applications. Distinctively deploy cross-media innovation whereas seamless processes. Seamlessly fashion impactful e-markets via superior leadership. Monotonectally evisculate enabled.

Interactively incentivize ubiquitous ideas via client-based growth strategies. Energistically actualize leveraged manufactured products before covalent schemas. Interactively strategize fully researched methods of empowerment for bricks-and-clicks.

Our Team

We're Working With


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