Auto Accident

Auto Accident

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Michigan Auto Accident Checklist

Provided for your personal benefit by - Michigan Auto Law - Michigan's largest personal injury law firm practicing exclusively in serious automobile accident lawsuits. Many of our client's have been adversely impacted by serious personal injuries or premature death of a loved one caused by the negligence of someone else. We help to protect your rights and get you compensation for your personal injuries.

What should I do if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident?

The most important thing to do after a serious automobile, motorcycle or truck accident occurs is to make sure that everyone involved is in a safe place and out of harms way. The next step is to call the police and EMT assistance, if necessary.

Once these two key steps have been undertaken, it is important to immediately begin gathering as much information from the motor vehicle accident scene. You must write down detail the facts and your observations at the scene of the car accident because as time passes, the details will become less and less clear. Below is a check list of items that you should gather:

1. Details about drivers and passengers in other vehicles and pedestrians (if any were involved)
      a. Name
            i. Address
            ii. Phone Number
            iii. Driver's License Numbers
      b. Registered Owner of Vehicle
      c. Insurance Company
            i. Policy Number
            ii. Insurance Phone Number

2. Who witnessed the accident and was not directly involved?
      a. Name
      b. Address
      c. Phone Number
      d. Driver's License Number

3. Did it appear that drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident in any way? If so, write down your observations about their behavior.

4. Was anyone injured in the accident? Was medical assistance provided? Did anyone say they were not hurt?
      a. Name
      b. Address
      c. Phone Number
      d. Driver's License Numbers

5. Specific details about the car accident?
      a. Exact location of auto accident?
      b. Directions motor vehicles were traveling prior to car accident?
      c. Time of day automobile accident occurred?
      d. Weather conditions at time of motor vehicle accident? What were the weather conditions at the time of the auto accident?
      e. Anything "wrong" with the vehicles before the car accident?
      i. Example: Broken directional lights or bad tires?
      f. Was there damage to the vehicles from the automobile accident?
      g. Were any of the vehicles towed from the auto accident?
      h. How did the motor vehicle accident occur?
      i. Did anyone take responsibility for the car accident? Write it down.
      j. Were the police involved? Did they issue anyone a traffic ticket? Which officers were present?
            i. Name
            ii. State or Local Policeman
            iii. Badge Number
            iv. Phone #

6. If you are hurt seek medical attention.

A few closing thoughts from the automobile accident personal injury specialists at Michigan Auto Law.

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