Auto Accident

Auto Accident

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Statistics show that more than half of fatal car-truck crashes in which a driver fell asleep were head-on crashes, and more than one-quarter of these occurred between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. The results point to the use of alcohol, drugs and speeding as unsafe behaviors among younger drivers for both cars and trucks involved in fatal car-truck crashes.

Failure to keep in lane or running off the road, failure to yield right of way, driving too fast for conditions or in excess of posted speed.  

Failure to obey actual traffic signs, traffic control devices or traffic officer safety zone traffic laws.

Not paying attention (talking to another passenger or on cell phone, eating)

Younger drivers and improper speed and use alcohol or drugs, reckless, careless or negligent manner.

Erratic speeding or suddenly changing speed. Driving on the wrong side of road.

Drowsy, sleepy, asleep, or fatigued, road rage, following too close, vision obscured by bad weather conditions, i.e. brain, snow, fog, sand, or dust.  

Sliding due to ice, water, snow, slush, sand, dirt, oil, or wet leaves on road.

Improper turns, passing with insufficient distance or inadequate visibility or failing to yield to overtaking vehicle.

Crashes between cars and large trucks occur because a maneuver per-formed by one of the vehicles is unanticipated by the other, leaving insufficient time to avoid the crash.  

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