Auto Accident

Auto Accident

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Car accident reconstruction is a new profession

A new profession has emerged called accident reconstruction, the discipline is comprised of people who analyse car accidents and work out why they happened. Vehicle construction, mechanics, physics and sociological factors are all taken into account when considering how a road traffic accident occurred.

Many police officers and detectives have insights into how car accidents take place as they have seen so many while on the job and have gathered mental evidence. Police experience combined with engineering experience provides a wealth of information that can significantly aid the accident assessment process.

Inevitably, these areas of expertise can have a significant bearing on the outcome of car accident claims for personal injury compensation.

Accident reconstruction can fill in "missing gaps"
A typical topic for car accident reconstruction analysts might be a three-point airborne trajectory analysis, used when an accident causes a car to make a brief launch into the air before crashing.

The point of the analysis is to determine that the driver may have been speeding, and at what speed. To calculate the speed, the angle of the incident needs to be established.

It can be possible to work out where a car took off and where it landed by looking at skid marks on the road and such impact indicators as a tree that has collapsed where a car has landed. To apply the three-point analysis, information like broken branches on trees may be required.

Photos, crash scene evidence, debris and clothing all help reconstructionists to work out detail surrounding a car accident. Through this process, they can fill in missing gaps and work out how fast a driver was going and whether they were braking or swerving before a crash.

This kind of information then can be passed on to interested parties such as police, insurance companies and no win, no fee solicitors.

Car accident compensation claims
People who have experienced a car accident often suffer extremely serious personal injuries and it can take them some time to recover. YouClaim can help lighten the load by aiding the pursuit of a road accident compensation claim.

Our team are personal injury specialists and can explain the claims process to you in plain English with no legal jargon. Win or lose, you won't have to pay us anything at any stage and all compensation awarded will go directly to you. That is a guarantee.

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