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Auto Accident

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Flooding as a cause of a car crash

The weather can have a significant effect on the possibility of being involved in a car crash, and adverse weather conditions, such as floods, can have a seriously adverse effect. Driving at all in a flood is itself to be discouraged, but is sometimes necessary. Sadly, this can lead to accidents.

One cause of a car accident in very wet conditions is the loss of control that can be experienced as the car moves into deep water. This can result in cars drifting into verges or pavements, or even mean that a driver is unable to prevent a collision if the car drifts into the opposite lane.

Deeper water can stall a car as it goes through the flood, either from the water level being high enough to enter the engine, or large amounts of spray being forced in. For this reason it is imperative not to drive into water whose depth is unknown; what is a small dip in dry weather becomes a deeper section once flooded, with no visible sign on the surface.

Water reaching, or passing, the base of the car can also affect its electric systems, which could not only stall the car but also prevent hazard lights, from working, thus making a further road accident more likely.

The dangers do not cease once a car is through a flood. Even if stalling has been averted, water may yet be in the engine or electrics that could interfere with the workings. There can be serious effects if water gets into oil or transmission fluid, in particular. If a flood later causes brakes to fail, for example, there is a very high chance of being involved in a car crash, and similarly dangerous effects can be the result of gradual damage to the engine over some time.

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