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Auto Accident

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Low Velocity Impacts and whiplash injury

A whiplash injury is the most common injury sustained following a car accident. It occurs when the soft tissue in the neck is damaged by the impact of the collision forces the head backwards and forwards very rapidly. This is known as extension and flexion and the whole movement is usually completed in under a second.

Low Velocity Impacts (LVIs)

Low Velocity Impacts (LVIs) are a class of car accidents that occur at very low speeds and that sometimes do not result in any damage to either vehicle. However, many people who have been in a car accident that has happened at even just 5 mph report whiplash injury symptoms.

Scientific studies have been done to try to identify the velocity at which a whiplash injury can occur. However, there are many variables involved, such as the loading of the cars and the angle of impact, meaning that every case is different.

During the course of an LVI whiplash injury study, it was found that:

- You are less likely to suffer a whiplash injury if your head was turned to the side when the impact occurred.

- You can mitigate up to 40% of the head and neck movement if you are aware of the impending impact.

- You are more likely to sustain damage to the front of your neck in a rear-end collision and damage to the back of your neck in a head-on collision. It was previously believed that the back of the neck was more likely to be affected in all types of collision.

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