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Child Passenger Safety Tips

Each year, more than 305,000 children under the age of 14 are injured in motor vehicle crashes, with children under the age of 4 accounting for over one-fourth of these injuries.

Approximately 35 percent of children ages 4 and under ride unrestrained, placing them at twice the risk from death and injury than those riding restrained. Ensuring that all children are safely and correctly restrained while in the car will help prevent injury and will save lives.

The following tips will help with the safe restraint of children in car seats:

- Use a rear-facing child safety seat for babies from birth to 20 pounds AND one year of age.

- Use a forward-facing seat for children at least 20 pounds and at least one year old, to children weighing 40 pounds and around the age of four.

- Booster seats are for children 40-80 pounds, less than four feet, nine inches tall.

- Never use a booster seat with only a lap belt.

- Follow the installation instructions of both the safety seat and vehicle manufacturers to ensure maximum protection for the child.

- Never use a child safety seat that has been involved in an accident.

Here are some general Safety tips:

- All passengers, regardless of age and seating position, should buckle up.

- NEVER place an infant in a rear-facing safety seat in the front seat of a car equipped with a passenger-side air bag.

- Adults and children should never place the shoulder harness behind their back or under their arm and must wear BOTH the lap and shoulder belts.

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