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Auto Accident

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Road Accident Prevention Ideas - life is precious

Everyday, when you read the newspapers or watch television, you get to know of road accidents which result to physical injuries, destruction of properties, or worst, loss of lives. different factors contribute to road accidents, but most prominent of all is due to drunk driving and dozing off behind the wheel. just recently, a former senator and his wife plus two other companions in our country (PH) figured in one such road accident, which tragically resulted to the death of the wife, and serious injuries to two others (the senator and the driver) and minor scratches and bruises to another passenger when the vehicle they were in was swept headon by another rushing vehicle in an intersection. then another road accident also happened when a vehicle rushed onwards to a line of people in a funeral procession. several were killed, and others ended up in the hospital.

tragic scenes i must say, and to see precious life even just on TV/newspaper get extinguished or maimed because of something which could be prevented (especially of a driver who should not be driving drunk, or otherwise dozing off while driving), led me to think of reasons why there are no such STANDARD PREVENTION methods in cars/vehicles so such road mishaps should not end up in the news in the first place.

let's say for drunk driving, i'm thinking a breathalyzer could be incorporated into vehicles to detect a driver's capacity to drive. this thing could analyze alcohol content in the driver before the vehicle can even be started. if alcohol level of driver is above legal limit, the car would refuse to run, and no amount of hardwiring or rigging of the ignition would make it run also. and to avoid driver switching, a fingerprint analysis via the steering wheel can also be useful here. if the car recognizes a driver switch after the initial phase of breathalyzer test, then the car will slow down and stop, and re-testing of new driver starts.

for dozing off behind the wheel, there could be a system which can be invented to detect this, and in the event when driver is detected to start to doze off into sleep, an electrical jolt can be used to stimulate the driver to resume wakefulness when driving.

with such innovations as part of a standard for all vehicles, there could be less road accidents which end tragically in the unnecessary loss of lives. what do you guys think? any other ideas?

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