Auto Accident

Auto Accident

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Prevention techniques you can use to avoid accidents

1. If you are near any size truck, either pass the truck or let it go ahead of you. Staying beside it will only trap yourself from falling trailer cargo or other obstacles.

2. Remain calm at every situation. Most of the time, quick, forced reactions may get you into trouble (especially on slippery roads) more than if you just remained calm and reacted in a calculated manner.

3. Leave lots of room in front of your car. You should leave about 2 or more seconds between you and the car in front of you. When a driver cuts in front of you, adjust your distance accordingly.

4. Know the pace of traffic. Don't be the one going too fast or even being annoying slow on the road. I've seen many drivers who ignore the traffic speed and annoy the hell out of everyone.

5. Practice safety first. If it's not safe to do a certain action, then don't even think of executing it. (i.e. If you want to speed, make certain there's room for it.)

6. Be assertive, not aggressive nor passive. Insecure drivers should not be on the roads.

7. Know what vehicles (even make and model if you can) are around you - especially behind you. I've had an instance where an out-of-control Dodge Ram pickup almost rammed into me on my 8-o'clock. I swerved just in time because I was looking at my mirrors.

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