Auto Accident

Auto Accident

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List of Things to Do When Involved in an Automobile Accident

It is not surprising that Los Angeles County, being one of the busiest counties in the whole United States, and having the busiest streets, roadways/highways, have high incidence of vehicle accidents occurring on its roads. If you are from this county and happen to become involved in a vehicle accident, for example an auto collision, here are the things you need to keep in mind.

? Immediately after the accident, California state regulations on such circumstances oblige you to stop and remain where you are. You must not leave the scene where the accident took place, unless told to do so by the authorities.

Even if the accident you have been involved in is but a minor fender bender, do not leave without stopping to check or feel out if you have sustained injuries or assessed the damages to your property.

This foremost regulation is an important reminder because you might be prosecuted under criminal offenses for walking away from the scene of the accident.

? The police must be informed about the accident as soon as possible. Ambulance can also be called if needed especially for the injured persons. If you do not have the capacity to call up the authorities and the nearest hospital for ambulance, request that somebody do these things.

If you are the one injured, do not attempt to move yourself and cause more damage. Competent medical people will be the only one to move you.

If it is possible, make notifications for the approaching traffic to be careful in moving forward near the accident's exact spot. You can set out some flares, turn on hazard lights and raise your vehicle's trunk or hood to warn them about the scene.

? Make it a point to exchange pertinent information with the other driver/drivers involved in the same accident. Do not forget taking down his/her name, address, residence or office telephone numbers, the vehicle's license plate number, the driver's license number, his/her insurance carrier, policy numbers and insurance agent's name and phone number.

? Get some information about the people who have witnessed the accident that will help you to identify them later on. Try presenting yourself, if you can, for them to identify you as someone involved or injured in the accident they have witnessed.

Request the police authorities who investigated and made report about the accident for their business cards. Take note of the incident number they have indicated in their report for you to acquire a copy of such report.

? Take basic and general notes about the whole incident ? where the accident occurred and how it happened, as you remember it. What were the road conditions, prescribed speed limits, the traffic control gadgets you noticed were installed, the weather, the road's lighting conditions?

Which direction where you headed, what were you and the other party's car doing during the time the collision / accident happened.

If your case would go to litigation, remember that you may need this information. You may also be given a ruling to share them to the opposite party.

? Be careful not to admit fault yet, even if you think you have some liability for its happening. Never release statements without consulting with a legal counsel specializing in road accidents or automobile accident lawyer first. Your admissions might be employed against you later as your case progresses.

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