Auto Accident

Auto Accident

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Bus Accidents

Public Utility Buses

     It is an admitted fact that not all individuals can afford to buy their own means of transportation. Everyday, millions of commuters still rely on public utility buses in bringing them to places where they need to go. People greatly place their lives at the bus drivers' hands whenever they ride in these public utility vehicles. However, although drivers could be very careful and cautious with the way they drive, vehicular accidents undeniably, can still happen. In California, buses are considered as among the types of public utility vehicles that are most commonly prone to accidents. Quite a number of bus accidents have happened in the past years with elders and children being the usual victims of such accidents.  

The Usual Causes

     Bus accidents can happen because of several factors. It may be due to the bus driver's own fault as when he or she was over-speeding or recklessly driving in an unsafe manner while on the road. Another may be due to damage or infirmity on the roads like oil spill, broken pavement and wet pavements, can also result to disastrous bus accidents.  However, a great number of bus accidents have happened because of the negligence of a third party driver who drives on the road without the proper care and attention. However, in any of these situations and regardless of who caused the accident, victims are always entitled to claim for compensation and damages for the personal injuries they have sustained.

The Bus Accident Lawyers

     If you or loved one has suffered personal injuries in a bus accident, the legal representation of a Personal Injury Lawyer must be immediately sought. The bus accident lawyer will be the one to deal and negotiate with the negligent party or parties in order for you to get only the most favorable settlement for your claim. Here in this website, our Personal Injury Lawyers are expert legal representatives with regard to all types of bus accident claims.  We assure our clients that their accident claims will be prioritized and will be given immediate action by our very accommodating and understanding Personal Injury Lawyers.

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