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Car Insurance Saving Tips

Most of us think that consulting our car-owning friends may help us to identify a cheap auto insurance quote. But it doesn't work as the car insurance depends on various individual factors like credit score, driving history, etc that may vary from people to people.

You can just fill out a short form that is available in the online provided by different websites and get cheap auto insurance quotes from top rated companies at free cost. But you should be very careful while getting quote from different auto insurance companies if you are opting credit checks.

Every time you ask for car insurance quote, most of the insurance companies run a credit history check on you, which adversely affects your credit history.

In case if you're a car owner really shocked after seeing your recent automobile bill since it has gone up once again. Take a look at these top fifteen tips for trimming possibly hundreds off your insurance premiums instantly before going through hassles of switching your insurance carrier's-

1. Shop around

Do you know that you can save thousands of dollars a year by comparing prices between insurance companies? So don't hesitate to shop around because auto insurance quotes can differ as great as 200% between insurance carriers for the same coverage.

Please do check with your current insurance carrier, they may provide low insurance rate for new customers, which you may negotiate with them to get the same rate for you.

2. Check your address

Some of my friends are paying higher premium since they have been addressed under a wrong zip code but with right address. This is due to the fact that they could be paying a higher premium for living in a "high risk" neighborhood. So correct your address if you're also sailing in the same boat.

Apart from checking your address, it is very important to note that if you're living in a city than a town, you do require paying more amounts against your automobile insurance bill. If you keep this point in you mind, you can save more money on auto insurance.

3. Correct the mistakes of your vehicle information

Some of the auto insurance companies may record the details about your car wrongly- e.g. Recording four door vehicle as two-door, recording your vehicle as supercharged instead of GT or SE version.  Correcting these information might help to cut your insurance costs a lot.

4. Alter your family status

You might have fixed the particular insurance company while you're are single and may be paying the same premium if your policy shows that you are single when, in fact, you are married now.

Did you know the quotes are really low for those in their thirties and above and also for married couples? Hence alter your age and family status accordingly!

5. Transform your coverage

If your car becomes too old, you may want to consider dropping comprehensive coverage. Your collision coverage may also be due for review. If your car's worth is ten times less than the premium, it is worth to drop these coverage's.

Do check your member's agreement for duplicate coverage on vehicle rental insurance and towing insurance, which your automobile likely to require at this stage of old age.  

6. Receive discounts

You will be given a considerable amount of discount, if your policy provider is aware that you're possessing excellent driving history, undergone defensive driving courses, your occupation, have an alarm system in your car, alcohol abstinence, etc.

If you cover a young driver who is studying in a college that is out of the area with no car or undergone drivers education course, you may entitled for low insurance costs.

7. Low mileage discount

Just converse with your auto insurance company for efficient utilization of sufficient things that provides good discounts. Also do talk with your insurance provider about the distance discount also. Some auto insurance companies provide offer to drivers who covers less than average number of miles per year.

Even you can try carpooling that may fetch you low mileage discounts. Carpooling helps a lot by saving on the wear and tear of the vehicle.

8. Obtain a low profile car

Auto insurance companies are running at a high risk. Hence they fix the insurance rate after studying so many facts and figures. Auto insurance companies know very well about the models that have been frequently stolen and are termed as high-risk brand and require highest auto insurance rates.

A low profile car is the one that won't be as gaudy. If you possess a car of low profile, which reduces the risk of your car being stolen, insurance companies pass on the savings to you.

9. Bump up your deductibles

Deductibles are nothing but the amount you're paying before your car insurance policy actually starts in. The top secret in lowering auto insurance costs is increasing the deductible you are willing to pay. You may find a $1500 deductible for collision to make more savings for a prolonged period.

10. Switch drivers

Do compare the auto insurance rate between the male and the female as the main driver, as some of the car insurance companies offer lower rate for the female main driver. A study confirms that there is lower quote if the male is insured on the minivan and female is insured on a truck.

Always do insure your teen son or daughter on safer cars such as family sedan instead of sports car. The sports car may require highest insurance rate.

11. Combine your auto and home insurance policies

You will definitely end up in good savings if you combine your auto and home insurance policies that will qualify for a multi policy discount with your current company. This discount can be anywhere from 10%- 20%!

And also if you own two or more types of car, buy insurance for these cars from the same insurer to get a good reduction in annual car insurance rates.

12. Good credit record maintenance

In order to get good credit record maintenance, maintaining minimal credit balances, obtaining credit of your need only, paying your bills on time and correct the errors in your credit history as soon as possible by periodical check up of your credit record.

Having a solid credit history is a prerequisite for getting reasonable car insurance rates. Most of the insurance carriers fix the price of car insurance after verifying the consumer's credit information.

13. Group car insurance

Some of the owners of car might get discounts on their insurance bill by participating in the group plan from their employing company, or through other associations of alumni or business or professional. You can't believe that this kind of discount may be very spectacular if you're a member in police or military forces.

14. Check for anti-lock brakes

If you're a person living in the states of New York, New Jersey, or Florida of US, you are liable for antilock brake auto insurance discount. So ask about antilock brakes to get maximize your auto insurance savings.

15. Specialty Coverage

If you prefer to adopt insurance coverage, like labor and towing or car rental reimbursement along with your basic auto insurance policy may fetch you good savings in the long run.

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