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Different types of coverage in car insurance

There is hardly anybody in developed countries without a car. The cars need to be insured against theft and accident. One needs to know that there are various types of coverage in car insurance.

The different types of coverage include liability coverage, collision coverage, bodily injury coverage, collision deductible waiver coverage, comprehensive coverage and property damage coverage etc. Not all the coverage is mandatory but some are mandatory.

The coverage selection is by and large left to the decision of the person who opts for car insurance. The most important coverage's are the liability coverage, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage in a way is the most important coverage in the car insurance. In case of an accident there will be damage to the person who is driving or the person who was hit by the car. At times damage can be there for the car or the other property.

Liability coverage covers these accidents. If one is found guilt and liable for the damages, he will be saved if he had liability coverage otherwise he/she need to spend the money from his pocket.

Liability coverage as it is so important many states have made it a mandatory in car insurance. Even otherwise it is really wise to have liability coverage in place. Of course, it would cost you few extra dollars, but it is certain to save a lot of money in case of accident.

There are two types of liability coverage. One is the coverage for injury to the person and the other is the coverage for the damage to the property.

In the injury to the person liability coverage, the insurance company will pay the money required for the affected person medical expenses and the wages that he is supposed to be getting if not injured and other lawsuit expenses.

Whereas in the damage to the property type coverage the insurance firm will pay the amount in full for the correcting the damage to the perfection and other related expenditures.

Collision coverage

This collision coverage is the one in which the insurance company will pay the money to correct the damage caused to the insured person's vehicle only. This expense includes the repair and the replacement of the part, if required.

In most incidences the out of pocket expense will be more than what one gets from collision coverage. Collision coverage is not mandatory in some states in America.

Whenever one person takes collision coverage he will be asked to choose the deductible. In choosing the deductible, one needs to be very careful and decide what he prefers. Some people will prefer low premium and high out of pocket expenses while some other people will prefer high premium but less out of pocket expenses.

Incase if one opts for 1000 dollars for deductible, he need to shell out the same amount at once. But one advantage of the deductible is it reduces the car insurance premium.

Comprehensive coverage

Once you opted comprehensive coverage, you may get replacement for your stolen or damaged car.

Comprehensive coverage is meant to pretty much cover the repairs to your car also. Non-accident damages can still be rather costly, and so it is highly advisable to opt for comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy.

When you're choosing on a auto insurance policy, it is a good idea to mull over liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. That manner you might have some protection for your beloved vehicle in the near future!

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