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Auto Insurance for Pimped Out Cars

You have spent anywhere from several hours to several months "pimping out" your car; and now it's unlike anything else on the road. Your pimped out car is both a blast to drive, not to mention fun to look at. And admit it. it's fun to look on as others admire and praise the detail and work that went into your car. Because you have a unique car, you will need unique insurance in order to protect the time and money you have spent perfecting your ride.

Your Current Insurance and Your Pimped Out Car

If you haven't already altered your car, you can talk to your insurance agent about how your planned additions will affect your insurance rates and coverage. If your insurance will still cover the car, you will need to do the following:

- Have proof (i.e., receipts and photographs) of the worth of your after-market add-ons.

- Get everything in writing. Don't rely on what your agent tells you over the phone; make sure that you get the policy and all of its details in writing.

- Be totally honest. There is no point in hiding alterations you are making to the car because you are afraid that it won't be insured anymore. If something happens and the agency finds out about the alterations, they will not pay your claim, and you will have wasted your money.

Specialized Insurance for Pimped Out Cars

If your current insurance agency refuses to cover your pimped out car, you will need to find new insurance. Do some research; look online, call agencies, and find out what's out there in order to get the best coverage for the best price. If your car is really unusual, you might have to get specialized insurance. There are places that only offer insurance for custom or classic cars. However, since they offer specialized insurance, they usually have strict regulations you must follow. Some examples of these rules may include:

- No modifications that make the engine faster, such as nitrogen.

- No using the car for road-trips, or even daily use. (This applies when the car is used mainly as a show car.)

- The car must have added safety measures (such as being parked in a locked garage).

However, not all providers will have the same rules. Find a provider that has rules that you can live with. Do not buy a policy with regulations you don't think you will be able to follow.

Keeping Insurance Costs Down

Many insurance agencies will send an inspector to independently verify the value of your car and the customization in order to determine the amount to which the agency will insure it and how high your rates will be. No matter what insurance provider you use, there are some simple things you can do to lower your insurance costs, including:

- Drive safely. There are usually incentives for safe drivers; accidents and tickets will drive your rates up.

- Install safety devices, such as alarms or a LoJack, to prevent theft.

- Keep your mileage down.

- Park your car in a locked garage whenever possible.

Although it may be more difficult or more of a hassle to insure a custom car, it is worth it. After all of the time and effort you've invested, not to mention the money, your car should be protected so that you can relax and enjoy the rewards of your pimped out ride.

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