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Do I really need to insure a car that is worth a few hundred dollars?

Purchasing a used car that isn't worth a lot of money is still a huge responsibility. A standard auto insurance policy can be purchased with different kinds of coverage. You usually have flexibility in terms of how much coverage you will need to purchase and how much you are willing to spend on it. There many states that require for you to present proof of insurance before registering a car. Yes, you will need to insure your car, even though it isn't worth a lot. Every state requires for you to carry liability insurance. Every state has minimum levels of coverage in this area.

If your state doesn't require for you to purchase an auto insurance policy, they will still require you to have financial stability and to be able to fix your car in case anything happens. The best way to be protected is to purchase insurance, even when your car is worth very little. Old cards have a tendency of being very unreliable. You see, if you are buying an old car, you will need to protect it from the road that lies ahead. Driving an old car is dangerous (most of them don't have air bags, either), and being insured, even when your state doesn't require you to do so, is a great decision.

Consult an insurance agent for more information regarding this topic. Comprehensive and collision insurance is option in almost every state. It will cover physical damage to your vehicle resulting from collisions. An old car that isn't worth much will need just as much protection as a brand new car. You will realize that driving with insurance is a lot safer than driving without it. However, it might not be cost-effective if your vehicle is worth less than $1,000, you will receive, if your car is totaled, is its actual value after depreciation. That isn't much and at times it might be a waste of money. There are two answers for this question. You have to make the decision based on your particular needs. Talk to an insurance agent and find out what type of plans and coverage will suit your budget and lifestyle.

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