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Are there certain things that auto insurers don't want to inform their customers about?

Sadly, there are things that your auto insurer wouldn't want to tell you. When an auto insurer doesn't want to tell you something, he has a pretty good reason for it. Here are twelve things your auto insurer will probably not tell you:

1) Your credit history dramatically affects your premium

2) Paying in installments will usually increase your overall bill

3) How much your car model affects your premium

4) How they determine your car's value after it is declared a "total loss'

5) You might be able to "stack' your coverage

6) You are going to pay for your friend's bad driving

7) How much making a claim could increase your rates

8) Paying installments might increase your bill

9) Your personal property in your car isn't covered under your auto insurance policy

10) When you switch insurers, you must officially cancel your insurance policy

11) You might be entitled to payment for registration feels and sales tax for a new car

12) In some states, you might be entitled to a diminished value claim

Now that you know that your auto insurer doesn't want you to know, and if you still haven't received any information regarding those twelve topics, then I suggest you pick up your phone and contact your auto insurer immediately in order to specifically find out about things you didn't know about.

When asking these questions, feel confident and determined for a reasonable answer. If you see that there is some sort of insecurity in this conversation coming from your insurer, then it is best to look at your policy and review these things yourself.

Remember that no matter what your auto insurer doesn't want you to know is still very important. Keep that in mind when you're reviewing your policy.

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