Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

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How Does Auto Insurance Work?

Automobile insurance is like any other insurance; it protects the person insured against losses --- in this case involving the use of automobiles. Various types of cover may be bought, depending upon the state in which one resides (liability insurance is mandatory in most states).

Auto insurance premiums to an insurance company can be paid monthly, bi-annual, annual or on a flex plan, where they actually give you 3 payment choices on each statement. This means that you are ‘covered' against financial loss for events outlined in the insurance policy.

The policy itself is the document that outlines what your coverage is depending on different scenarios, and most states require you carry proof of auto insurance while operating a motor vehicle.

If you are in an accident and incur damage to any personal property, then your auto insurance company will pay up to your coverage amount, less any deductible you may have.

Policy coverage may include: medical claims for any persons injured in the accident, any property damage (vehicles, state or federal property, etc.), vandalism to your vehicle, natural disaster damage (such as hail), towing, replacement vehicles while your vehicle is repaired and legal cost should you or the auto insurance company be involved in a lawsuit in relation to a covered claim.

Often, if there is an accident, then your claim will far exceed the premium you paid. Depending upon the agreement in the policy, you may still be completely covered. If you are involved in a road traffic accident, there could be costs for damage and injury you cause to someone else with your vehicle. There could also be damage to your car, along with medical expenses for those involved.

Even though auto insurance is mandatory in most states, having adequate auto insurance takes a great deal of worry off your shoulders and gives you one great bonus which is priceless -- peace of mind.

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