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How Long Is A Car Insurance Quote Good For?

Most people who apply for car insurance do some research before they commit. Depending on the city and state, they may be required to own liability coverage, collision coverage or even uninsured motorist coverage.

Further complicating the process is the fact that insurance companies themselves often consider a wide range of factors when they determine their prices. These can include anything from driving history to marital status, income, credit rating, even GPA! Needless to say, the figures can quickly grow complicated.

One of the most popular ways to streamline the process is by requesting a quote. There was a time when most such estimates came from actual agents, but today all the major carriers offer online forms that provide essentially the same thing.

A simple algorithm weights each answer and compares it to a list of viable rates, coming up with a range of figures for each type of coverage. Sometimes these answers are deal-breakers, meaning they may be far too expensive for your needs. Others may look promising, however, which is why many drivers want to know how long such car insurance rates are good for.

The short answer is that most quotes are good from 24 to 72 hours, but each site does it a little differently. Responsible insurance vendors are usually explicit about when an estimate will expire, but others prefer to leave things open-ended in the hopes of hearing from you at a later date.

Regardless of how long the quote is "good" for, however, few of these figures are actually binding in the contractual sense. Often you will need to contact insurance companies yourself to negotiate by phone. You may be able to land a better price, particularly if you have a comparable quote from a competitor.

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