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Auto Accident Checklist

Even The Most Experienced And Careful Driver May Still Be Involved In An Auto Accident. Knowing What To Do After The Accident Can Help Minimize The Trauma And Even Save You From Further Trouble.

First Thing To Keep In Mind Of You Find Yourself Involved In An Auto Accident Is Never Run Away From The Accident. You May Be Charged With "hit And Run" Even If You Are Not To Blame For The Accident. Hit And Run Is Considered As A Serious Crime In Most States. Instead Of Receiving Compensation For The Injury And Property Damage You May Have Sustained, You Might Wind Up At The Paying End.

What You Need To Do Is To Check For Injuries Both Yours And The Other Party's. Gather Names, Addresses And Other Information From All People That Are Involved In The Accident. It Would Be Good If You Have A Camera With You To Take Shots Of The Scene. Report The Accident As Soon As You Can To Your Insurance Company Even If You Have No Intention Of Filing A Claim. It Is Always Good To Be Safe Than Sorry.

If There Are Witnesses, Take Down Their Names And Addresses As Well As Their Contact Numbers. Document Their Account Of The Accident. This Can Prevent Future Disagreement Concerning How The Accident Actually Happened. It May Prove Valuable In Cases When You Need To File A Claim.

Seek Medical Attention Even If You Do Not Feel Something Wrong At The Moment. Many Injury Symptoms Usually Do Not Manifest Themselves Until 12 Or 24 Hours After The Accident. You Might Also Be In A State Of Shock Making You "numb" To The Injuries You Have Suffered.

Do Not Give Out Any Information Other Than Names, Addresses And Contact Numbers. Never Admit Responsibility For The Accident Even If You Feel You Are To Blame. You Might Be Made To Look Liable For The Accident And Be Made To Pay Instead Of Receiving Compensation. Do Not Try To Settle Anything By Yourself Nor Sign Anything That The Insurance Company May Give You.

Consult A Lawyer Specializing In Personal Injury Claims Should You Find Yourself Stumped On What You Need To Do To Make An Injury Claim. An Experienced Attorney Is Familiar With The Processes And Requirements In Making A Personal Injury Claim And Can Help Make Sure That You Are Properly Compensated For The Injury You Have Sustained.

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