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Caught With DUI

With The Growth Of The Number Of Motor Vehicles In Town, Unfortunately, The Rate Of Persons Driving While Intoxicated Has Skyrocketed. Drunk Driving Does And HAS Historically And Recently Led To Property Damage And Personal Injury Of The Driver And Of Pedestrians And Property.

All States Consider Driving As A Privilege And Not A Right. So, Motorists Who Are Caught Driving Under The Influence May Find That Privilege Withdrawn For A Period Of Time. Motorists Who Are Slapped With A DUI Charge Are Subjected To Both Criminal And Civil Charges.

The Rising Incidence Of Accidents Due To Alcohol Consumption Has Become A Grave Problem For The Past Few Years. Accidents Of This Sort Have Great Impacts On The People Involved Starting With The Offender, His Family And Those People Who Are Victims Of This Negligence. Every Statistic Recorded On DUI Offenses Give Testament To The Growing Threat Of Drunk Driving.

Many DUI Offenders Who Find Themselves Arrested May Consider Themselves Lucky For The Reason That It Was A Police Officer Who Busted Them And Not A Tree Or Another Car. Of Course The Victims Of Drunk Drivers Usually Suffer Serious Injuries And Even Death.

Alcohol And Gasoline Are Not A Good Mix. The Privilege Of Being Able To Drive Has Corresponding Responsibilities. A Driver Is Expected To Exert Reasonable Care To Prevent Accidents And Injuries From Taking Place. When We Drive, We Are Expected To Know And Follow Established Traffic Laws That Are Designed For Maintaining Safety On The Road.

If You Are Going To Drink, Don't Drive. Yes, It Is Better Said Than Done But Your Safety And Of The People Around You Cannot Be Compromised. Failing To Comply With The Law Will Get You Into Deep Legal Trouble Not To Mention The Compensation You Will Have To Pay In The Even That You Cause Injury To Other People.

If You Are Caught Drunk Driving, You Will Need To Seek The Assistance Of An Experienced Attorney Specializing In DUI Cases To Protect Your Rights. A Lawyer Familiar With DUI Case Proceedings Can Help Minimize The Charges Pressed Against You Or Even Get You Off The Hook If You Have Been Improperly Arrested. Typical Example Would Be If You Were Not Advised Of Your Miranda Rights. Incriminating Statements May Be Suppressed If Warnings Were Not Given At The Appropriate Time.

Of Course, Your Best Defense Will Always Be Driving Safely. Remember, Don't Drink And Drive.

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