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Auto Insurance

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Why Compare Car Insurance?

So you are in the market for a new or used car, why should you care about checking your insurance rates before you purchase the vehicle? Most people looking to purchase a new or newer vehicle are trading in their older vehicles and moving up the new car ladder to a newer, more expensive and more sophisticated vehicle. This is great, and the purpose of trading up, but this comes with some additional costs.

In most cases, the older vehicle that is going to be sold or traded has depreciated substantially, and may or may not have full coverage insurance anymore due to its age and mileage. The new vehicle however will require full coverage insurance with high limits if it is being financed by a third party lender. You might experience a 3 fold increase in your car insurance premiums if you are one of those people who have only been carrying liability insurance on your trade in vehicle.

If the price of the new vehicle does not give you enough sticker shock, the price to insure the vehicle just might. Unfortunately full coverage insurance is mandatory if the vehicle is being financed, and just liability insurance is state requirement within the U.S. Why be shocked? Talk to your car insurance agent before you buy your new vehicle and get a quote on several vehicles you are considering. Some cars cost 20% more to insure with the same limits.

Some components that will affect your premiums are:

1. Does the vehicle have driver and passenger side air bags and safety restraint systems?

2. Does the vehicle come with anti theft devices for the radio and a starter disengage system?

3. How heavy is the vehicle - some over sized vehicles will cost more in premium

4. Is the vehicle a known target for auto thieves?

5. Does the vehicle come with any government crash test safety ratings?

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