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Home Car Insurance Discounts A Better Deal?

Home Car Insurance Discounts

Many top insurance companies want to encourage policy holders to give them all of their business. They do this by discounting a second policy. One of the most common discounts is a home auto discount, though they may also discount for multiple car insurance policies and other combinations. It surprised me that many people are not aware that their current insurance company may offer a discount for a second policy. Sometimes a consumer will get the best deal from the company they already use for one policy by simply adding multiple policies they need.

Insurance companies want good clients who pay their bills and keep their policy in force. That's why many insurers look at consumer credit when they pick up new applicants. If you have already established a good record with an insurance company you may have already established yourself, and so you will be entitled to better rates, besides the multiple policy discount.

Are Multiple Policy Discounts Always Cheaper?

Multiple policy discounts are not already cheaper. Some of the emerging internet discount companies do not offer home insurance, but still offer lower, direct rates for car insurance. So you may find companies who have a lower base price, and in that case it would not make sense to bundle your insurance at all!

However, even though these companies concentrate on one business, like covering cars, I am noticing a new trend here. Some of them are finding home insurance companies as partners. Those home insurance companies, in exchange for getting some promotion through the car insurance sites, will offer customers an automatic premium discount. So this is not exactly the same as a multiple policy discount, but it works in a very similar way.

What is The Answer to Cheaper Insurance Then?

Nobody can give one clear answer to every consumer. For one thing, all car insurance companies price by zip code, driving record, age, and type of car. Other factors may or may not impact your car insurance rates like driving safety courses, credit, or safety features on a car. If you live in an area where many cars are stolen, or if you have a type of car that gets stolen a lot, it may matter if you park in a garage or install anti-theft devices in your auto.

Homeowners insurance is affected by similar things like your local area, claims history, and consumer credit. Safety devices, like fire alarms, or anti-theft devices, like burglar alarms, can help you save money too. The best thing to do is to compare policies in your local area.

However, since your insurance rates may be affected by many factors, you probably do not think you have the time to call around and give every insurance company all of your personal information. However online insurance quote forms, put out by quoting companies, can give you unbiased rate quotes. Look for quote forms that use a third party verification service like the Better Business Bureau or National Ethics Check. These forms take less than five minutes to fill out, and they allow you to enter general information one time, and then sit back and compare insurance quotes!

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