Brain Facts

Brain Facts

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Memory boost may one day come in a pill

A pill that improves memory by boosting the brain chemical glutamate has been invented by a scientist at the University of California. Dr Gary Lynch says the drug called CX717 could be used to treat jet lag and Alzheimer's disease, BBC News reported. The pill could also be used by healthy people as a type of memory pick-me-up, he said. A drug manufacturer is considering using the drug as a possible treatment for narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the news service said. The drug has to undergo further clinical trials before it's approved for sale. A British study of 16 sleep-deprived people found that CX717 improved their wakefulness and mental ability, the BBC News said. "What it's doing is causing the neurons to communicate with each other a little better," Lynch explained. "As you get tired, communication between brain cells begins to fail. When you take the pill, the communication is better. According to Lynch, the drug appeared to have no side effects. (Health Scout)

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