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And they may overlap. So if you think that you or some person you know often have borderline personality disorder, see a doctor of medicine. Don't have a try to make a diagnosis yourself. How is the borderline personaity disorder treated? Borderline personality disorder can be difficult to treat. It's ordinary for problems to come back. And many people with the disorder have troubled relations with their counselors and medical professionals. But you can take actions to help regulate the disorder. Long-name management can diminish symptoms and detrimental behaviours and facilitate you better take care of your emotions. treatment may include:Consultation and treatment. It's important to come across a therapist you can construct a secure relation with. This is generally difficult, because your state may cause you to see your therapist as thoughtful one minute and merciless the next, in particular when he or she inquires you to seek to vary a behavior.

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aggressive conduct.

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