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psychological conditionexactly like the narcissist, the borderline person afflicted elicits unvarying narcissistic supply (interest, acceptance, adulation, agreement) to regulate her gyrating sense of self-value and her disorganized self-image, to shore up severe, marked, unrelenting, and omnipresent failures in self-admiration and Ego functions, and to counter the gnawing barrenness at her core. The borderline personality disorder is frequently co-identified (is comorbid) with emotional and affect disorders. But all borderlines are afflicted with mental state reactivity. Borderlines switch dizzyingly between dysphoria (despair or melancholy) and jubilation, manic self-self-assurance and paralyzing nervousness, irritability and lack of sympathy. This is reminiscent of the mood changes of bipolar disorder sufferers. But borderlines are much angrier and more aggressive.

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