emotional deviation

emotional problemsThis is why you may notice somebody with borderline personality disorder moving from one type of human being, group or idea to another. Even if this contains a total dissimilarity or spectacular disparity. C) reckless--As clearly mentioned, this type of individual will jump at any chance to supply that void using the approved methodologies. Which can be expressed in all areas in their lives. Some of which are undamaging or more of an nuisance than anything else. However, they do possess some risky impulses. These comprise financial splurges, careless sexual experiences, high volume consumption and absorption of foods and substances, and even vehicular and pedestrian navigation. D) Lost Sense of the Self--since they freely and impulsively convert themselves to others, other's ideas and emotional states they themselves finally lose sight of who they are. Linking to lack of individuality. Such a emotion experienced in the extent of that which they do is like knowing you are going to perish and you are not sure of what's going to happen after. Such terror is the way they comprehend the result of their own devices.

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I can offer several example cases as to why I assume it is driven by an human being's need to nourish off acceptance.

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