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brain dysfunctionSome professionals say that the borderline personalty disorder is a culture-bound pseudo-syndrome invented by men to assist a patriarchal and misogynistic society. Others point to the information the lives of affected individuals identified with the disorder are topsy-turvy and that the relations they form are stormy, short-lived, and unpredictable. Moreover, not different compensatory narcissists, people with the Borderline Personality Disorder frequently exhibit labile (wildly changeable) sense of self-value, self-image and impact (expressed emotions). Like both narcissists and psychopaths, borderlines are impulsive and careless. Like histrionics, their sex-related action is promiscuous, driven, and perilous. many borderlines excessive eat, gamble, drive, and shop sloppily, and are chemical substance abusers. don't have of impulse manage is joined with self-destructive and self-defeating actions, for instance suicidal ideation, committing suicide initiatives, gestures, or threats, and self-injury or self-injury. The major dynamic in the borderline personality disorder is abandonment anxiety. Like codependents, borderlines try out to preempt or preclude desertion (both actual and made up) by their nearest and sweetheart. They hang on to hysterically and counterproductively to their couples, mates, husband or wife, friends, children, or even friend. This severe link is coupled with idealization and then swift and merciless devaluation of the borderline's target.

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Which is why they suffer the need to latch onto the strength of others (so they can 'survive').

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