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mental problemThey often get into physical fights, throw temper tantrums, and have horrifying tempers attacks. When stressed, a lot of borderlines turn into psychotic, though only briefly (psychotic micro-episodes), or develop transient paranoid ideation and ideas of reference (the erroneous confidence that one is the focus of scorn and malevolent gossip). Hence the term "borderline" (first coined by Otto F. Kernberg). The Borderline Personality Disorder is on the thin (border) line isolating neurosis from psychosis. Nearly all specialists agree that there is no single could cause of borderline personality disorder. It is likely to be prompted by a mixture of elements. These include: 1. genetics: genes you receive from your mom and dad may make you more vulnerable to developing borderline personality disorder, given sure environmental variables (see below). 2. neurotransmitters: these are "messenger compounds" used by your brain to transmit signals between brain cells; convinced neurotransmitters can have a notable effect on emotional state and conduct.

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Used to get those who abandoned them to get in touch and coddle their needs.

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