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thought dysfunctionNearly all specialists agree that there is no single could cause of borderline personality disorder. It is likely to be prompted by a mixture of elements. These include: 1. genetics: genes you receive from your mom and dad may make you more vulnerable to developing borderline personality disorder, given sure environmental variables (see below). 2. neurotransmitters: these are "messenger compounds" used by your brain to transmit signals between brain cells; convinced neurotransmitters can have a notable effect on emotional state and conduct. 3. neurobiology: this term describes the structure and function of your brain and nervous system; it appears that some people with borderline personality disorder have several regions in the brain with unnatural structure and function. 4. environmental variables: incidents that happened in your history, such as your relation with your members of the family, appear to act an essential role in borderline personality disorder. Genetics of the borderline personality disorder: The most cohesive verification that genetics may play a role in borderline personality disorder is expeiment that studied twins.

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Which is why they suffer the need to latch onto the strength of others (so they can 'survive').

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