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thought problemsBut another person with borderline personality disorder life experiences a much stronger pull towards that association and perverse it into an impulsive need. Thus rationalizing it (subliminally) that their very livelihood relies on it. Essentially someone with borderline personality disorder is an inverted Narcissist. Rather than everything budding around oneself, a being with borderline personality disorder revolves their self-importance in those they go along with. Thus leaching off the energy emitted by such associations. This is what I referred to when talking of "Borrowed Strength" in previous articles. The point of view and readiness to readily accept anything for the benefit of fitting in with what is recognized to be the bulk or more powerful. Even if they rationally recognize its irrational, harming and/or risky. Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder: A) Pertinent Presence of a "Void"--The base cause for someone with borderline personality disorder's need to be acknowledged is the big void they are attempting to fill within themselves. Since they depend and feed this void, it incessantly keeps consuming their intellectual and sentimental power. Leaving rarely anything for oneself.

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