personality idiosyncracy

People with borderline personality disorder are impetuous in areas that have a potential for self-damage, such as drug use, drinking, and other hazard-taking behaviours. danger variables for borderline personality disorder include desertion issues in child years or teenage years, sex-related mistreatment, interrupted family life, and pitiable communication within the relatives. What are the problems of the borderline personality disorder? In borderline personality disorder, relations with others are extreme and unpredictable, swinging wildly from like to hate and back again. People with borderline personality disorder engage in frantic efforts to avoid actual or made up desertion. They may also have uncertainties about their characteristics or self-image. They often times see things in terms of extremes, either all good or all bad.

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They often get into physical fights, throw temper tantrums, and have horrifying tempers attacks.

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