personality problem

abnormal brain functionLinking to lack of individuality. Such a emotion experienced in the extent of that which they do is like knowing you are going to perish and you are not sure of what's going to happen after. Such terror is the way they comprehend the result of their own devices. Yet they feel powerless and do not know how to correct it. E) ressponsive shakiness--Since they have been allowing others tell them how they should think, feel and act they lose the self-confidence to experience any emotion produced by him or herself. This becomes a frightening thing. Much like how some people freak out when they are left in silence with only their own feelings to keep them delighted. commonly when one thinks this method, they respond in a lot of dissimilar ways. Much of which are very alike to what you would anticipate from one who is terrified, irritated, annoyed and angered. They can become drastically episodic, uneasy, experience worry hikes, and act out in violent behavior. The length of time of such episodes will vary from seconds, minutes, hours to the rare days (which is why it is frequently perplexed for Manic depression or Post-traumatic stress Disorder).

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Thus leaching off the energy emitted by such associations.

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