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mental disruptionSuch a emotion experienced in the extent of that which they do is like knowing you are going to perish and you are not sure of what's going to happen after. Such terror is the way they comprehend the result of their own devices. Yet they feel powerless and do not know how to correct it. E) ressponsive shakiness--Since they have been allowing others tell them how they should think, feel and act they lose the self-confidence to experience any emotion produced by him or herself. This becomes a frightening thing. Much like how some people freak out when they are left in silence with only their own feelings to keep them delighted.

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an impulse to self-damage ? such as cutting your arms with razors or burning your skin with cigarettes; in harsh cases, in particular if you also feel greatly sad and depressed, this impulse can trigger mood suicidal and you may try committing suicide.

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