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psychological maladyLike codependents, borderlines try out to preempt or preclude desertion (both actual and made up) by their nearest and sweetheart. They hang on to hysterically and counterproductively to their couples, mates, husband or wife, friends, children, or even friend. This severe link is coupled with idealization and then swift and merciless devaluation of the borderline's target. exactly like the narcissist, the borderline person afflicted elicits unvarying narcissistic supply (interest, acceptance, adulation, agreement) to regulate her gyrating sense of self-value and her disorganized self-image, to shore up severe, marked, unrelenting, and omnipresent failures in self-admiration and Ego functions, and to counter the gnawing barrenness at her core. The borderline personality disorder is frequently co-identified (is comorbid) with emotional and affect disorders. But all borderlines are afflicted with mental state reactivity.

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They don’t settle on what kind of individual you're inside.

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