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Childhood Anxiety - Signs and Symptoms

Concentration or focus issues
Nervous movements or twitches
Sleep problems
Sweaty hands
Accelerated heart rate and breathing
Excessive worries

These symptoms can lead to poor school performance, a lack of socializing, and significant discord in the household. The good news is that pediatricians and psychotherapists understand anxiety disorders and can provide treatment, educate parents, and help children feel better.

It is extremely common for anxious children to avoid talking about how they feel. They may worry that their parents won’t understand or they may fear being judged. This can lead to many children with anxiety feeling alone or misunderstood.

Parents of anxious children have reported that they knew there was something different about their child, but did not realize it was an anxiety problem. Some parents wait for their child to “grow out of it” while others view the anxious behaviors as normal. As a result, parents of anxious children and teens often feel confused about what to do, as well as frustrated and overwhelmed. Education is essential for parents.

Anxiety disorders are believed to be a combination of biological and environmental factors. Stressful events may trigger anxiety but stress alone is not the cause of an anxiety disorder.

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