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Common DP (depersonalization) DR (derealization) experiences include

Feeling disconnected from your body, or that your actions aren’t your own (depersonalization).

Being in a dreamlike state, or feeling as though you’re looking at everything through a haze or fog (derealization).

Feeling like an alien or a stranger, even in familiar places; in severe instances, you may not recognize people or things you know.

Questioning everything, even things that you once felt certain of ? your faith, the reality of everything around you, and even your purpose and what it means to be alive.

Feeling that the things are lacking in significance, as though they are lacking in depth and meaning.

A sense of hyper-awareness, as though you cannot stop over-thinking or over-analyzing everything.

Feeling totally absorbed in your own thoughts, or even feeling that you are in your own world or dimension; sometimes finding yourself in a place and not remembering how you got there

Not remembering what happened during the dissociative state (though this is certainly not always the case)

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