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Feel safer

Evolution has given us an anxious brain. So, whether there’s a tiger in the bushes doesn’t matter, because staying away in both cases keeps us alive. But, again, this also keeps us hyper-focused on avoiding danger day to day. And depending on our temperaments and life experiences, we might be even more anxious.

Most people overestimate threats. This leads to excessive worrying, anxiety, stress-related aliments, less patience and generosity with others and a shorter fuse.

Are you more guarded or anxious than you need to be? If so, I suggests the following for feeling safer:

- Think of how it feels to be with a person who cares about you and connect to those feelings and sensations.

- Remember a time when you felt strong.

- List some of the resources at your disposal to cope with life’s curveballs.

- Take several long, deep breaths.

- Become more in tune with what it feels like to feel safer. “Let those good feelings sink in, so you can remember them in your body and find your way back to them in the future.”

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