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If left unmanaged, can affect your psychological life

Social Isolation/Lack of Support - Anxiety can cripple a person's social life. In an effort to avoid feeling the physical or emotional results of anxiety, many people "cope" by forgoing social interactions. Without proper outlets, it can seem all the more isolating to the anxiety sufferer.

Missed Opportunities - Fear, anxiety, and stress can all infect the mind to convince itself not to express itself or do the things it used to love. Hobbies and interests take a back seat to the immediate need to protect oneself. As such, many anxiety sufferers continually exclude themselves from wonderful opportunities, or even everyday activities they used to love, in their fight to ignore or avoid feeling how they feel.

Dependence on Others ? Social support is important for anxiety sufferers, but anxiety can also cripple people's sense of self-efficacy. Depending on its severity, people may stop going to work or providing for themselves because their fears are so great. This puts strain on the people who take care of them and further reinforces their own sense of helplessness.

Negative Self-Image - A chronically anxious person may feel they will never feel the way they used to. They may start to wonder what the point of even trying is and lack the confidence they need to make even small steps toward recovery. Negative self-appraisal and low self-esteem are all-too-common tagalongs with fear and anxiety.

Develop Phobias - Phobias (discussed here) are fears of innocuous things that develop over time. An anxious person may develop many phobias?social, medical, physical?that they unwittingly provoke every time they avoid or demonize the situation.

Develop Anxiety Disorders - Anxiety, whether from an early age, a traumatic experience, or the cumulative effects of fear and stress, can break off into any number of anxiety disorders. We'll discuss these disorders at length in the next section.

Suicide - By some reports, 70% or more of suicide victims suffered from an anxiety disorder. The prevalence of suicide in anxious people should not be sugarcaoted and cannot be overstated. Fortunately, suicide is always preventable and anxiety can be properly treated before such drastic actions need be taken.

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