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In order to reverse your anxiety, you need to Retrain Your Brainowl thumb

At the moment your brain is not actively paying attention, it is functioning on automatic pilot, giving you anxiety when you do not need it. This is all happening in the background, passively, with no control on your part.

I do not want to fill your head with miracle cures; rather I want to offer a no nonsense, practical explanation to why you feel stressed, burned out, and anxious.

I want to show you how to pay attention differently. To give you control over what is happening. To help you to create new building blocks in your brain. Ones that are more helpful to you.

Many of you reading this will not be aware that I have my own private practice, where I am well respected for the work I do with anxiety, stress and burnout.

Living a peaceful life is something I had to work to get. I had to learn to ‘let go’. I had to learn to take responsibility for my own anxiety, and stop looking for the quick fix, in order for me to be in control and learn to live more peacefully.

But more importantly I had to decide that this is what I wanted. When anxiety becomes automatic, that unwelcome friend somehow feels normal, and we stop thinking or wanting to be different. As I said earlier, what your brain perceives to be real, is not always the case; it is how we create it.

If you want to step out of automatic pilot mode, say goodbye to your unwelcome anxiety and take control of what is happening.

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