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My Real Life Example Of Retraining My Brain

In my 18 year marriage, my ex-husband held all the power and control. In the years following our divorce, he harassed me legally as he drug me in and out of court for a decade with false allegations of endangering the children, cohabitation, and more BS. I learned to fear him and whatever he might do next. Just upon seeing a message from him pop up in my email inbox, my heart would start pounding, my breathing would speed up, and that dreaded anxious, worried feeling would flood over me. My body was conditioned to exhibit fear just upon seeing mail from him.

As the years passed, I began to live more mindfully, gain strength, and learn how to respond differently to him. It literally took years, but I was eventually able to not fearfully knee-jerk react to his antics and could consciously and deliberately choose my response according to who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live my life. (See blog: Responding Rather Than Reacting)

While I was in the process of growing, it would frustrate me to no end because my heart would still pound out of my chest upon just getting an email from him. I felt like my body was betraying me while, in my head, I knew better and remained calm. My body still exhibited the conditioned fear response, but I repeatedly inserted conscious, calm thought and behavior. Eventually, I broke the stubborn neuronal connections and formed healthier, empowered pathways in my brain.

By understanding how our brains works to produce our attitudes, feelings, and behavior, we all have the power to change our neurons and lives for the better.

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