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Alcohol addiction

When does casual consumption of alcohol turn to dependency drinking and finally to biochemically-controlled drinking?
The answer is, even most alcohol addicts themselves don't know when they became addicted to alcohol. Alcohol is the most sinister of drugs, one that draws a thin, usually imperceptible line between social use and addictive use. Alcoholic addicts rely on alcohol as a key component of their personality - without a drink, they simply cannot "be themselves."

Narconon helps people end their alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction through mind/body alcohol abuse treatment programs. Our alcohol treatment programs and alcohol abuse rehabilitation strategies give our clients all the tools they need to handle an addiction that's restricting their lives and preventing them from reaching their full potential. Most alcohol rehabilitation programs have a 15-20% success rate. The Narconon alcohol treatment program has a 70% success rate, meaning most of its graduates are still substance-free two years out of its recovery program.
Our alcohol abuse treatment programs are not only focused on withdrawal from all forms of drinking, but also, through a holistic healing process, on helping others escape all forms of substitute addictions. This process frees the body from the alcohol toxins that build up in the liver, and restores biochemical equilibrium to the whole body. At the end of the program, a patient's body will no longer depend on alcohol - or any other controlled substance to regulate itself. The Narconon alcohol rehabilitation program also gives patients the mental tools and mental balance to recover from alcohol abuse. With a healthfully restored mental equilibrium, graduates are able to take conscious control of their lives and goals and live purposefully. By consciously controlling the direction of their life, patients thus stop alcohol use naturally, purposefully, permanently, and without fear.

Because alcohol addiction was a person's way of inducing one or more of physical, mental and emotional relaxation, ease, and even escapism, at Narconon we educate clients about the biology of alcohol abuse and teach them to view their alcohol addiction as a biochemical process that must be and can be regulated. Narconon's scientifically proven withdrawal proccess, coupled with emotional counseling and the reformation of the body's biochemical process, creates a thorough mind/body detoxification approach that frees people from alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse, and all the consequences of addiction that ultimately prevent them back from true happiness.

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