Brain Facts

Brain Facts

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Amphetamines or Speed

Amphetamines are man-made drugs that have a bitter taste and usually come as a white, greyish white, pale pink or yellow powder, and sometimes as a brightly coloured tablet. Amphetamines can be snorted, swallowed, injected, dissolved in a drink or smoked.

Amphetamines can also come in a liquid form, which is injected into the body.The most common form of the drug is amphetamine sulphate, commonly known as Speed. The purity of this drug is usually only about 5%, with the rest mixed with other white powders, ranging from talcum powder and toilet cleaner. As a result, it is said to be one of the most impure drugs available in the UK. A new form of amphetamine derivative is currently sweeping the globe, but is still very rare in the UK. Amphetamines were originally introduced into the UK in the 1930s as a treatment for colds, flu and hay fever.

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