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Many of us allow fear to paralyze us because we don’t like feeling fear. But if you simply allow yourself to feel the fear when it shows up, you will notice that it quickly dissipates and suddenly the situation feels more manageable.

The next time you notice yourself getting stressed out or feeling afraid of something not working out, sit quietly by yourself, set your timer for two minutes and start taking deep breaths. Notice where you feel tightness or tension in your body, and simply breathe into that area for the two minutes. When the timer goes off after two minutes, chances are the feelings will have shifted. The more you do this, the more you will trigger your body’s natural calm response and you will move through fear with greater ease.

Fear - What is it?

Fear - Definitions
Fear is
Fear Factors
Fear pinpointed
What we Fear
External Fears
Internal Fears
What Makes You Feel Fear
What Causes Fear
What Makes you Anxious
What Scares Us and Why
Triggering fear
Negative thoughts appear in two ways
Common Causes of Fear in Children
Link Between Fear and Sound Perception
Fear of Intimacy
Difference Between a Fear and a Phobia
Threat vs fear
Terror & Horror
Are You More Fearful Than You Should Be
People who fear pain are more likely to suffer it
Diagnosing Fear
Public speaking
Science Behind your Fear of Public Speaking
Human frailty and public speaking fears
Why Are You Afraid To Drive
Location, Location, Location
What are the saber tooth tigers of today and why are they so dangerous
X Factor

Fear - The Outcome

Startle Response
Bodily Responses
Fear Conditioning
Attention to the signals of fight or flight
Subconscious Avoidance
Raising the Dread
Physical Reactions to Fear
Expression of fear may create phobias
What is our fight or flight system designed to protect us from
Fear, Reward and the Decision Making Tug-of-War
Evolutionary Survival Mechanism
What is the natural conclusion of our fight or flight response
Fight or flight response
Fight-Or-Flight Reflex Circuit Uncovered In Mice
Has the fight or flight response become counterproductive
How 'fight or flight' works
Signs that our fight or flight response has been activated
Stage fright
Outdated Response
Stress Hormones and the Fear Response in Survival
Impact of chronic fear

Fear - How to Handle it?

You have to question the basis for your fear
Why You Must Confront Your Fear
Helpful Tips for when Fear Strikes
Two ways of reducing fear
Dealing With Fear
Face it
How to Overcome Your Fears and Move Your Business Forward
Psychopaths Feel Fear But Have Difficulty Detecting Threats
How to Overcome the Fear of Failure
Overcome your Fear
How to Break Through Fear and Self-Doubt
Desensitizing the Fear
Gradual Exposure Technique
Immediate Exposure Technique
To unlearn the fear
Erasing traumatic experiences
How to Turn Your Fear into Fuel
How to rewire your mind to overcome your fears
Scientists test a way to erase scary memories
Fear and Learning Don't Mix
Curry could help erase bad memories
Parts of Our Body's Fear System
Parasite makes mice lose fear of cats permanently

Fear and Your Brain

Thank Your Brain If Your Fear Response Is Embarrassing
Fear Conditioning - How the Brain Learns about Danger
Different brain regions process different types of fear
Memory recall, fear response influenced by breathing
Fearless brain-damaged patients are terrified of suffocation
Fear-processing mechanisms of the brain documented
Emotional Control Circuit of Brain's Fear Response Discovered
New Brain nervousness
Old Brain nervousness
Mid Brain Nervousness
Your Amygdala at Work - A STEM Activity
Your brain can misinterpret things
Fear short circuits the brain
How the Brain Fears
Fear in the brain
What Happens In Our Brains When We Get Scared
Researchers Identify Fear Circuit In The Brain
Fear is caused by a small organ in our brain called the amygdala
Fear Is Hardwired Into The Brain
Amygdala - Center of Fear
Amygdala is a Alarm System
Anti-fear Hormone
Rare Brain Disorder Prevents All Fear
Missing Brain Enzymes cause Fear
Anxiety vs. Fear
Stress levels can make brain flip from desire to fear
Human brain is divided on fear and panic
Humans Can Feel Terror Even If They Lack Brain's Fear Center
People without brain's 'fear centre' can still be scared
Anxious Children - Bigger Fear Centers
Third Fear Response
Brain Fear Circuit
New Neural Circuit for Fear
New 'fear controlling' neural circuit in brain
Key To Cures
Finding Clues in the Fearful Brain
How to Rewire Your Brain
Is it Easy to Rewire your Brain
Rewiring Your Emotions
Train Your Brain to Overcome Fear
Brain Region for Overcoming Fear
Step by Step Instructions to Rewire Your Brain and Overcome Fear and Anxiety
Control of fear in the brain decoded
Brain Circuits Underlying Freezing In Fear
Brain on Fear
Our brain on fear
Brain's 'hate circuit' identified
Brain's fear centre
Patterns in the brain reveal our fear of the unknown
How does the brain respond to fear in people with anxiety disorders
How Fear Works In the Brain

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