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Common Causes of Fear in Children

When a child grows older (especially around the age of 2), fears that were never an issue before suddenly rear their ugly heads. At the age of 2 and above, most children now know what it is like to be injured, scolded, or even lost. One of the major fears in children is the act of being separated from his/her parents. Fear of separation is common for both toddlers and scholl aged children, this is due to them being left at the babysitters, nursery, or school. While some children fret over their parent's departure and return, others may fear their teachers, surroundings, or other children. Most of the time, this fearfulness with others will subside as children start to spend more time with their teacher and classmates.

Another fear in children is fear of the dark. Fear of the dark is usually one of the biggest and hardest fears to conquer in children. Children usually have this fear well into their school aged years. Fear of the dark resonates differently with age, while younger children may be fearful of monsters lurking in the shadows, older children may fear burglars. Most families find it beneficial to leave a light on at night, with a gradual reduction happening over an extended period of time.

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