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Face it

Say you experienced some particularly horrific turbulence on an airplane and now you can't fly. In fact, any time you see a plane, you freeze up. That's just your brain doing what it thinks it should do. Instead, it's actually just debilitating. What do you do?

You see an airplane up in the sky and instead of ignoring it, you look at it. Oh, that wasn't so bad, right?

When you hear an airplane rumbling overhead, you can freeze, or you can take a step. And with every step you reroute the path of fear through the amygdala.-Joseph LeDoux

Okay, it's one thing to look up at a plane in the sky, but what if you are afraid of something like an earthquake? It's not like you can actively seek one out. So what do you do in situations where you may not want to (or cannot) expose yourself to the actual fear?

Learn everything you can about it. This advice comes from Melanie Pinoa over at Lifehacker. We tend to fear things we do not understand or are not familiar with. When you take charge of learning about your fear you are asserting power of it. That alone can make you feel better, but this process can also help teach you where your fear stemmed from in the first place.

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