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Step by Step Instructions to Rewire Your Brain and Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Although this may sound too simple don't be fooled by it, it is effective.

1. Get yourself a journal and list your fears. Carefully read through your list and decide which one is to you, the mother of all fears.

2. Now circle this on your list.

3. Naming your greatest fear would be the first step to cognitively accept your problem and focusing your energies on handling your problem.

4. Writing down your fears clearly, also helps you understand yourself. You could spend a little more time writing about how these fears drain your life of all the happiness, fun and excitement you could possibly have. This could fuel your motivation to overcome the fear that has been destroying your life.

5. Find a quiet cozy place to do this without any disturbance.

6. Create for yourself a delete button. You need to bring your visualization skills into play here. This button sould preferably be visualized in your palm or in your wrist. Now connect this spot visually to your amygdala or the center of your head. Studies have proved that your brain does not know the difference between a well visualized thought and reality, this will still work.

7. Bring to mind those situation that cause you to freeze in fear. As your body reacts to those thoughts, you could choose to tap or press the button in your palm/wrist to delete or nullify those fears and reactions that your body is going through at the moment. Now, remember this isn't magic. You need to keep repeating this process until all those cancelled reactions are unlearned by the brain. Once you have achieved this you are your own free person.. to do as you wish.

8. I usually add one more step to this process. My clients tell me it works very well for them too. This step is based on the information that when you experience a feeling that is rewarding or encouraging, neuromodulators like dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine are released which enable the new behaviors to be rewired to your brain.

9. Now visualize being free from fear, see yourself achieving what you want and feel the pleasure it brings you. Dwell on this feeling, let those positive emotions wash over your being. Enjoy it for as long as you can without distraction.

10. Be aware of your thoughts, you need to press the delete button each time you are filled with fear or you start feeling those familiar sensations of fear in your body. Being aware of your fear and anxiety-ridden thoughts and being able to delete them instantly helps speed up the process of rewiring of the brain.

11. Persist with this day after day until your mind starts to forget the fear and gets rewired to the pleasure of being free to do what you want.

The time taken for rewiring the brain differs from individual to individual, it takes anywherefrom 6 weeks to 12 weeks to achieve the desired results. You really need to keeping working on these steps to see the benefits. This method could be used to effectively overcome anxiety, mild depression and negative feelings as well.

Take care of your body. Your mind and body need rest, exercise and a healthy diet. Imbalance in one area affects your emotional and mental balance.

Learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Take pleasure in the little but beautiful things of life. Stop to smell the roses. Don't let life pass you by.

This is not meant to replace therapy or psychiatric treatment. This is a self-help article meant to help those struggling with fears. Please do let me know how effective this has been, it could help and encourage others to overcome their fears.

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