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Can we stop mind control?

The answer is yes, and we need to be vigilant and to use the following strategies in various situations in order to be able to stop mind control from happening.

Be on the lookout for discontinuities between somebody's ideals and their actual behaviors. If what they say does not match what they do, beware! (If older members of the group are justifying the leader's incongruencies, this should be even more alarming.)

Observe communications, checking for any hidden agendas behind the obvious content.

Be prepared to disobey simple situational rules or polite social customs if you think it's necessary.

Be on the lookout for situational and group pressures in your physical and social surroundings.

Never do anything unusual or anything you don't want to do just to please others.

Recognize conditions in which you are vulnerable. (Major life events, loss, grief, depression, after failing exams, losing a job and so on.)

Don't be pushed into making a decision. Reserve the right to defer a decision or say no.

If you think you need to get more information, do so. Or look for other sources of information.

Effective persuaders appear to be just like us. Be very wary of excessive emphasis on topics of mutual interest in order to stop mind control before it's too late.

Be wary of requests for a small commitment now… And an open-ended contract for later.

Practice "seeing through" your programmed responses to authority.

Notice who is controlling whom in social situations, and why.

If there is disagreement, state your arguments with conviction. If necessary practice creative arguments why listening to persuasive messages to avoid automatically accepting them.

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