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Direct Eye Contact

There are several techniques that you can use to control the mind of another person. Many of them can actually make them love you. Some of them are very easy to master, and they are different for both men and women, and they work very well. The first one has to do with the way that you act when you are in a public setting. You need to imagine in your own mind that you are someone very special. This might seem ridiculous, but if you have this notion in your own mind, your body language is going to change, the way that you converse with people is going to be very different.

This will make you more mysterious, and when this is done the right way, you can attract women to you because they will want to know more about you based upon the way that you act.

You are probably seeing movies, or perhaps you have been to a psychologist, that has used regression therapy. They will put you into a hypnotic trance, allowing you to be more susceptible to the suggestions that they are going to make. If you have been to a carnival where someone is theoretically hypnotizing people, making them do outlandish things, one of the ways that they are able to gain this level of control is by staring into the other person’s eyes.

When you are talking with someone that you would like to attract into your life, always make direct eye contact. The more contact that you make, looking directly into their eyes, this works as a subtle form of hypnotism. Whether this is psychological making them believe that you are very interested because you are making eye contact, or there is some connection similar to what a psychologist or hypnotist is able to do, studies have shown that the more eye contact that you make, the more susceptible someone will be to the things that you have to say.

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