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Power of Your Thoughts

Bringing to Your Consciousness your True, Inner Healing giving you a Life of Health, Peace and Happiness:

?Put yourself into a place of rest and peacefulness. Bringing yourself into a sense of calm by breathing deep, from your inner core. Until you feel relaxed.

?Bring the injustices to your conscious mind, without prejudice or judgement.

?Allow these injustices to float away. You may well imagine this in the ocean or in the clouds.

?Understanding that even though these injustices may well have been done to you, that they were not about you or your value as a person.

?Bringing to your conscious mind thoughts of happiness, appreciation of nature, the small things that go to bring about clarity a "smile" a "kind word".

?Take each day one moment at a time allowing yourself to commit to two to three constructive things you want to do for the day that you will feel good and satisfied about.

Always to Remember -

No-one Else can have Power of your Thoughts other than YOU!!!

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